1. Full Camp Experience
This option includes all of the daily classes and evening events, as well as numerous opportunities and other features (listed below).
Daily Classes-Participants take 2 morning classes in one of 5 main programs each morning  (see below), plus 2 additional classes (electives) of their choice, each afternoon.
Special Opportunities  There are so many opportunities at Music Camp. Options include group challenges and private lessons, jam sessions, large and small group production numbers, Instrument Library, Recording Studio, Apple Mac Lab, Remenyi House of Music, symposium, concerts/performances, recreation (swimming, canoeing, hiking, etc.), and so much more.
A World of Music – For 5 days, participants are surrounded by some of the most talented, creative, and knowledgeable musical artists you’ll find anywhere. The world that exists at Camp offers one of the most enriching environments in which to learn, develop, and grow.
Special Concerts and Performances – Some of the most memorable moments at Camp occur in the special concerts and performances that run throughout the week. Participants can plan for some very inspirational experiences.
2. Morning Classes Only

This program includes 2 morning classes (60 minutes each) in one of our five programs (Fiddle, Piano, Guitar, Step-Dance, or Vocal). 

Registration also includes 2 evening events:

  1. The Instructors Concert on Monday, July 8th
  2. The Grand Jam on Thursday, July 11th

Ages: 8 and above

Level: ALL

Where: Lakefield College School

When: July 7th – 11th, 2024

Time: 8:30 am – 11:45 am

Cost: $260 + HST

Chaperone required for students under 16, unless arrangements made with the Music Camp Office 

3. Children's Program - NEW

This program is a great opportunity for children to experience music in a dynamic and immersive way. Over the course of 4 mornings, participants will be exposed to a variety of instruments, musical styles, dancing, and songs. They will also be introduced to the basics of music theory through fun activities and special performances.

The program includes 4 morning sessions (30 minutes each) with additional short breaks.

Programming is intended for beginner/intermediate level youth. 

Registration also includes 2 evening events at the Leahy Music Camp:

  1. The Instructors Concert on Monday, July 8th
  2. The Grand Jam on Thursday, July 11th

Example program content includes: 

  • Fiddle, Piano, and Step-Dance 101 
  • Children’s Choir (Including learning the basics of singing and learning new fun songs!) 
  • Group Music Theory Games 
  • Group Ceilidh Dancing (Irish and Scottish Set-Dancing) 
  • Music-related crafts 
  • Daily concerts by LMC Instructors and Youth Campers 

Exposure to a variety of genres such as Classical, Celtic, Jazz, Folk and Pop! 

Dates: July 7 – 11, 2024

Where: Lakefield College School

Time: 8:30AM – 11:45pm

Ages: 6 – 12

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: $260+HST

Chaperones are not required for the Children’s Program has Camp counselors will be provided for this role. 


General Information


Instructors at Leahy Music Camp are musicians and artists who are skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of styles and genres. Participants will not only develop their own skills and technique, but benefit from the environment at Camp, which is filled with expertise, inspiration, creativity, and support.

Depending on the instructor, participants may learn by ear or note….maybe both.  Participants can expect to learn new music, improvisation and accompaniment skills, creative approaches to music, and writing/composing strategies.  They will also have many opportunities to experience music in new ways by playing and working with others in small and large groups, pairs, and on their own.

Experience the Power of Music at Leahy Music Camp!

Immerse yourself in a world of music and creativity at Leahy Music Camp! Join us for an unforgettable experience where talented instructors, inspiring performances, and endless opportunities await. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, our diverse programs serve all levels. Discover your passion for music with us!

Classes - Instruments at Leahy Music Camp

The fiddle program is intended for people who want to improve their technique, learn new music, and expose themselves to new styles and ways of playing. 

Participants will work with a variety of instructors who each specialize in one or more styles of music. Participants will learn in a group classes with others who are at the same general skill level and have a chance to play in a variety of other settings of their choice (ensembles, jam sessions, band performance, solo, recording studio, etc.).

Depending on the background of each instructor, participants can expect to focus on:

  • new music, tunes and styles
  • ornaments
  • bowing
  • practice tools
  • writing, arrangement, improvisation
  • live performance & stage presence
  • group performance

The piano program is intended for those who would like to expand their world on the piano. Participants will work with a variety of teachers who all play different styles. Special focus will be placed on technique, accompaniment strategies, writing, arranging, improvisation, and more. Students will learn tools that will open up a world of possibility when playing by themselves or with others.

Instructors strive to help students develop their own voice and personality on this instrument and at the same time, expand their knowledge of the piano. The goal is for participants to become more comfortable creating and experimenting on their own, and playing music with others.


The guitar program is intended for those who want to improve their skills on the guitar and expand their versatility with this instrument. Instructors will focus on technique and share expertise with different styles and approaches to playing. Depending on the instructors each year, students will be exposed to different styles of music and ways of playing the guitar.

Focus will be given to:

  • specific tunes & styles
  • chords, melody picking & guitar lines
  • accompaniment strategies
  • rhythm skills & strumming patterns
  • fingerpicking
  • improvisation
  • strategies for practicing
  • writing, arrangement & interpretation

The step-dancing program is intended for those who are new to the world of step-dancing and for those who are experienced and want to take their dancing even further.

Focus will be given to basic technique and style as well as to new steps, routines, and creative approaches to this very rich traditional style of Canadian dance. Participants can expect to be challenged in new ways and have a lot fun!


The vocal program is intended for those who want to become stronger vocalists for personal or professional reasons. Participants will have the chance to sing and learn a variety of styles as well as gain tools that will give them longevity as singers. Instructors aim to help students find, develop, and strengthen their true unique voice.

Focus will be given to:

  • Personal coaching
  • Group/choral singing
  • Voice technique & conditioning
  • Harmony
  • Songwriting and interpretation
  • Solo singing and performance
  • Recording
  • Live performance – stage presence, microphone technique

Students are asked to come with at least one song to sing and work with.


We’ve had a number of requests from accordion players to run a morning program for this instrument at Music Camp 2024.

We are looking into this option and will let those of you who have contacted us, know if we can make this program a reality.

Please check back here for updates and announcements regarding this possibility.


In addition to fiddle, piano, guitar, singing, and step-dancing classes, instruction is also offered in the following areas:

  • accordion
  • bass
  • drums
  • tenor banjo
  • mandolin
  • writing/composition
  • recording
  • bodrhan
  • and more depending on the instructors at Camp each year
Elective Classes - Afternoon Offerings
We offer a wide variety of elective classes each afternoon so that participants can further develop in one area and/or use the opportunity to try something completely new and different. Discovering new musical abilities or interests is one of the most exciting happenings at Music Camp.

Electives Offered in the Past:

Come Join Our Band

Mandolin 101

Vocal Technique Boot Camp

Music Technolgy – Tips and Tricks

First Aid in Basic Performance Techniques

Anybody Can Sing…. Everybody should!

Bow Techniques and Rhythm

The Art of Jazz Violin

Foot Percussion – Dance the Music

Cape Breton Fiddle

Electrify your Violin

Arranging Songs and Tunes

Session Playing With Others

Apple Computer Lab Making Technology Work For You

Camp Chorus – Large Production

Fingerpicking Tunes on the Guitar

Piano Improv 101

Piano Accompaniment

Composing with Piano

Stepdancing 101: Back to Basics

Writing Steps to Match the Music

Where to begin? Writing Workshop 

Song writing and Arrangement

The Art of Listening