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Maria Leahy

Stepdancing, Guitar, Banjo

The Leahy Family’s first ‘professional’ performance as a group happened in 1973 at the Ontario Open Fiddle and Step-dance Contest in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Frank and his wife Julia, along with their four eldest daughters and son, aged from 10 years to 5 years old, took the stage to entertain while the contest judges tallied competitors scores. In their purple and white polka dot outfits, they played fiddles and step-danced their way into the audience’s heart.

The Leahy Family eventually grew to include eleven brothers and sisters who all played music together, performing throughout Canada and the United States during the late 1970’s and the 1980’s. From this rich cultural foundation, the band LEAHY emerged in the late 1990’s during the celtic music renaissance. For the past nineteen years, LEAHY has criss-crossed North America and Europe delighting audiences with their music, song and dance.

All of the Leahys continue to be immersed in music in many ways; nurturing their own young children, like their parents did, and reaching out in their respective communities, collaborating, teaching, writing, producing and performing. For the Leahys, Camp is one of the most rewarding experiences where they get to share with others something they truly love to do, and where they get a chance to get up close to other musicians and artists whom they admire and respect.
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