Haley Richardson and Quinn Bachand

Performance Workshop
Make sure you have a really comfortable chair and strong internet connection on Wednesday July 15 because Haley Richardson and Quinn Bachand will be doing an online Performance Workshop at our Virtual Camp! Together, Quinn and Haley released a duo CD project, When the Wind Blows High and Clear, on May 1, 2019. It was nominated for Ensemble of the Year 2020 by the Canadian Folk Music Awards.  Recorded and produced by Quinn, this CD has received excellent reviews from publications around the globe.
“Prodigy is a strong word, but it applies perfectly to both these young musicians…this duo is exceptional both in youth and in talent, showing musical mastery far beyond their years.”
                                                                             –Alex Monaghan, Living Tradition Magazine
“Seventeen year old Richardson is known as a once-in-a-generation fiddle player…From Canada’s west coast, Quinn Bachand is another young musician with a serious reputation to boast of.  ‘When the Wind Blows High and Clear’ is a stellar album.  Built using a tasteful selection of well-loved traditional tunes, a few of more recent composition (by the likes of Tommy Coen, Paddy O’Brien, Tommy Peoples, and Mick McGoldrick), and several by Richardson and by Bachand, it is given life through brilliant playing and smart, tastefully modern arrangements.  It will, of course, appeal to traditional music fans but it’s also one that will reach those who don’t yet fully appreciate all that traditional music has to offer.  This one’s just great – don’t miss it.”   

                                                              -Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo  (July 2, 2019 album review)

On Thursday July 16, both Quinn and Haley will be teaching classes in guitar and fiddle respectively. We are thrilled that they will be with us to share their music and collaborative work! We hope everybody can join us for what is sure to be a very musical and memorable time!!