Gary Atlkins

Guitar | Music Technology

As always, we are very excited to say that “Apple Distinguished Educator”, Gary Atkins, will be with us again this year….online!

Gary, who comes from Toronto, Ontario will be teaching guitar and helping participants combine their musical skills and aspirations with technical innovation. He has worked with hundreds of artists all over North America in many different areas of music and is known for his knowledge and expertise.

Gary is a composer, guitarist, keyboardist, arranger, orchestrator, copyist, and computer specialist who has worked in theatre, television, film and multimedia. He is a former faculty member of Humber College’s Music Program and has also taught music theory, orchestration and film scoring at the Trebas Institute (private college) in Toronto. Currently, Gary is the Technology Co-ordinator for the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto).

As a Sibelius “Ambassador,” Gary travels across the continent to demonstrate the Sibelius software for teachers and other educators. He is a Logic 9 Master trainer, a Logic X trainer and Canada’s only Certified Sibelius trainer. He is highly regarded and has been sought after by award winning composers such as Herbie Hancock (Jazz Musician), Joe Sealy (Jazz Pianist), Glenn Morley (Genie Award winner), David Blumberg (Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, American Idol), Yves Frulla (Celine Dion Band: Keyboard Player), Dave Young (Bass: Oscar Peterson), Tariqh Akoni (Guitar: Josh Groban & Stevie Wonder), Clarence McDonald (James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand), Benjamin Wright (Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson) and others to provide training for individual users and groups on how to use Sibelius and other software. He is an Apple Consultant and in 2007, became an Apple Distinguished Educator.

When Gary returns to Camp this year, he will be teaching participants how to use technology to their musical advantage. Students will have an opportunity to write, record, arrange, and practice with the computer and various software programs. In addition to his computer and technical skills, Gary will also be sharing his passion for the guitar. Coming with a background in blues and jazz, he has a whole lot of expertise to offer. We can’t wait for everyone to work with him and experience what we are so privileged to know! This is definitely an opportunity that you do not want to miss!!