The History of Leahy Music Camp

Founding of Leahy Music Camp (2006)

Leahy Music Camp started as a response to numerous requests for lessons in the music and dance of our group Leahy. We play music that is rooted in the Celtic traditions of our heritage and influenced by the modern styles of today.

We set aside three days in July 2006, to welcome a small group of students from across Canada and the United States. With 10 instructors, these very passionate students, and the beautiful facilities at Viamede Resort, our Music Camp was born.  We couldn’t have been more grateful…to the people who attended and the people who helped us at Viamede, build what would become the foundations of Leahy Music Camp.   In 4 years, we outgrew the space and had to move to a larger facility that could house up to 300 participants.

Move to new Location

Lakefield College School (2010)


We are in our 15th year of Music Camp now and have called Lakefield College School our home since 2010. Participants and instructors continue to come from across Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America. Many participants return to the Camp each year, which for us is like seeing family again…the Music Camp Family! The community that has grown out of these yearly gatherings is beyond anything we ever imagined. It is one of the many reasons that we hope to keep Music Camp alive! 


Leahy Music Camp Goes Digital (2020)


In 2020, we had to cancel our in-person gathering because of Covid. Though we were very disappointed, we had a fantastic experience with our first ever Online Music Camp. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with people from around the world and make music in a whole new way! Though we missed the “in -person” musical exchange, we experienced the valuable options that technology provides. The digital platform not only kept the spirit of our Camp alive but also introduced new opportunities for learning and making music regardless of geographical lines.


Leahy Music Camp Returns (2024)

After a four-year hiatus, we couldn’t be more excited to say that the Music Camp is returning in July 2024! With all of the Covid restrictions and limitations out of the way, we look forward to re-uniting with new and old friends alike! A memorable week of music awaits us all!