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What is Leahy Music Camp?

Leahy Music Camp has gained a reputation for being a major source of inspiration and instruction for people of all ages and ability. It offers instruction in fiddle, piano, step-dancing, singing, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, accordion, music technology, songwriting, composing, and more.

In addition to the musical classes led by members of the Leahy Family, special guests and instructors are invited to teach each year; musicians from a variety of genres, technical experts from the musical world, and friends the Leahy’s have worked with over the years. Emphasis is given to skills, style, interpretation, expression, history, and the art of working and playing music with others. Some of the many Camp features include a recording studio, opportunities to try new and different musical instruments, an Apple Computer Lab, exclusive concerts, lectures, workshops, jam sessions where musicians of all genres and ages play together, and more.

The Camp has come to be known for the musical environment it provides in which to learn, play, and create music.  Participants and instructors come from across Canada, USA, and Europe to immerse themselves in a culture of music where the musical ‘experience’ is as powerful as the teaching and learning that takes place.  Many worlds converge as musicians, artists, students, and experts from a variety of music related fields connect to create, learn, share, and collaborate with each other.



Each program is designed so that students are met at the level they play, sing, or dance.

Instructors are musicians and artists who are skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of styles and genres. Students will not only develop their own skills and technique, but learn and benefit from the  wealth of each Instructor’s experience and expertise.  (A really dynamic learning opportunity!)

Depending on the instructor, students may learn by ear or note…..maybe both.  They’ll have a chance to learn new music, ornaments, improvisation and accompaniment skills, creative approaches to playing/singing/dancing, and use new writing/composing strategies.  They will also have many opportunities to experience music in new ways by playing and working with others….in small and large groups, pairs, and on their own.

Students can expect to enjoy the learning process.  Grow.  Have fun.  Be challenged.  Share their own music.  Connect with others and the music that is being played.  Be inspired.

Morning Classes

Primary Areas of Instruction:

  • Fiddle
  • Piano
  • Step-dancing
  • Singing
  • Guitar

Students choose one of these five areas to receive two hours of instruction in, every morning. (If you choose fiddle as your primary area of instruction, you will attend two fiddle classes each morning and be taught by two different teachers). The Camp will place students in these classes based on the information provided in registration forms. All classes are arranged by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  You will attend classes with other people who are at the same general level as yourself.

Afternoon Classes


  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Mandolin
  • Accordion
  • Audio Engineering
  • Songwriting
  • Composing
  • And more….

Afternoon classes (electives) are set up so that students can try their hand at something new as well as learn and develop in other areas. Students will have two of these classes every afternoon and will choose them when they arrive at Camp. In the past, options have included instruction in accordion, flute, whistle, mandolin, tenor banjo, singing, writing, recording, piano, fiddle, guitar, folk, ballet, and swing dancing, stretching techniques for musicians and dancers, private lessons, special presentations, lectures, and the list goes on. Every year we offer different electives depending on the musicians and guests teaching at the Camp.

Vocal Program – Sing it Out

This program is intended for those who want to become a stronger vocalist for personal or professional reasons. You will have the chance to sing and learn a variety of styles as well as gain tools that will give you longevity and help you become a better singer. What matters most is that you find, develop, and strengthen your true unique voice. Then….sing it out!!

Program includes:

  • Personal coaching
  • Group singing
  • Voice technique & conditioning
  • Harmony
  • Songwriting and interpretation
  • Solo singing and performance
  • Recording studio time
  • Live performance – stage presence, microphone technique

Students are asked to come with at least one song memorized to sing and work with.

Important Documents

Registrations (completed forms & payments) are accepted immediately and until June 20, 2019. If classes fill up before June 20th, a waiting list will be started. Residences at Camp are also limited so if you plan to stay on-site, it’s wise to book early. 

Fees are payable in either Canadian or US funds, by personal cheque, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express for Canadian customers). All cheques and money orders should be made out to LEAHY MUSIC CAMP.

Special Notice: Residence spaces at Leahy Music Camp 2019 will be more limited this year as the school where Camp takes place (LCS), will be undergoing renovations and construction in July. This means that there will be fewer beds and rooms available for Camp participants to reserve. We advise that you book early to ensure a room/bed for yourself or family at Music Camp this year.


Rooming and Booking

Music Camp takes place at Lakefield College School (LCS), an independent residential school located in Lakefield, Ontario Canada.

Rooms at LCS are dormitory style – each is spacious with 2 single beds, 2 dressers, and 2 desks. Some rooms share one bathroom with only one other room. (Bathrooms are located between the rooms) Other rooms/dorms share one bathroom per floor.  Rooms are suitable for individuals, couples, and families.  Families are welcome to bring sleeping bags for children to sleep in the same room as parents.  LCS provides bedding & pillows for each room. Participants should bring their own towels and other toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc).

As in previous years, the Camp administration will organize room assignments for residents (camp participants staying on site). Limited rooms are available on site.

Room Rules A curfew of 11 pm will be in effect for all participants under 18 years of age.  No visitors are allowed in rooms after 11pm and overnight guests from outside the Camp, are not permitted. The Leahy Music Camp reserves the right to expel any Camp participant for violations of this policy without refunding any fees paid.

Premium Room Upgrade Option:  For adults wishing to have their own room onsite with their own private bathroom and air conditioning, there is a brand new residence from which to choose.  It is newly built and is called The Uplands.  It has 14 very comfortable rooms and like a hotel, can be booked with single or double occupancy.  If you would like one of these rooms, there is an extra charge in addition to the regular Camp fees.

If you would like to book a room in The Uplands, or have any questions about this residence option, please contact the Leahy Music Camp Office at 705-652-7376 or


For those wishing to say OFF SITE, please visit The Village Inn in Lakefield or the Peterborough tourism website for a full listing of hotels, B&Bs, & campgrounds. Don’t forget the very affordable accommodations at Trent University (about 10 minutes south of Lakefield). Rooms range from $60.95/night for a single room to $105/night for TWO rooms with a shared bathroom between the rooms. Air conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms are available. For more information, please contact Trent Conferences at 705-748-1260




All meals will be provided from dinner on June 30th to breakfast on July 4th for resident participants (people staying onsite).

Non-residents (people staying offsite) will receive dinner on June 30th and lunch/dinner daily from July 1st to July 4th.

Meals are cafeteria style and served in the dining room overlooking Katchewanooka Lake or even enjoyed outside on a patio area. There are many food choices at each meal and special dietary requests CAN be made (ie. diabetic, gluten-free, etc.) Please inform the Camp Office of any special dietary needs you may have so we can work with the LCS kitchen to meet your needs as best as possible.


While attending Leahy Music Camp, First Aid Services will be available to all participants and chaperones. 

The Morton Community Healthcare Center is less than a five minute drive from Music Camp (Lakefield College School).

The Peterborough Regional Hospital is a 30 minute drive from Camp (Lakefield College School). The Village is serviced by ambulance and fire services. Canadian participants are covered for emergencies by their Provincial health plans; please ensure you bring your health card to Camp. International participants are advised to acquire travel health coverage prior to arriving at Camp.


Fees Schedule – 2019

Information about how to pay can be found on the Registration page.  Please note that a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (“HST”) will be added to the total purchase. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about cost or method of payment. For those of you who have attended Camp in the past, there has been a slight increase in some of the fees this year (between $5.00 – $10.00). See all Camp Fees below.

  • Adult:   18 years and older
  • Youth:  13 – 17 year old
  • Child:   12 years old and younger

Resident – On Site

  • Adult                             $890.00
  • Youth                            $840.00
  • 12 and Under               $685.00
  • Chaperone                   $495.00

Non-Resident (Day Students)

  • Adult                             $625.00
  • Youth                            $625.00
  • 12 and Under               $585.00
  • Chaperone                   $185.00

RESIDENT Participants: (sleeping on-site)

  1. Accommodation for 5 nights (Sun June 30th – Thurs July 4th).
  2. All meals (13 in total) from dinner on Sun June 30th to breakfast on Friday July the 5th.
Participation in and access to all Camp lessons, workshops, performances, and events.
  4. Access to recreational facilities.

NON-RESIDENT Participants: (sleeping off-site)

  1. Meals (9 in total) from dinner on Sun June 30th and lunch/dinner daily from July 1st – July 4th.  Breakfast is not included for non-residents.
Participation in and access to all Camp lessons, workshops, performances, and events.
  3. Access to recreational facilities


If cancellations are made before June 3rd, 2019,  registrants will receive a refund minus the ‘Paypal Fee’ charged at the time of payment and a $50.00 administration fee.  The administrative cost for cancellations and refunds after June 17th, 2019 will increase to $150.00.

Age Requirements

Participants from age 8 and up are welcome to attend the Camp, although participants who are 16 years of age and younger must come with a parent or guardian to act as their chaperone. This rule applies to resident and non-resident participants.

Residence rooms are not locked and the waterfront is not supervised, therefore Leahy Music Camp requires parents/chaperones to take responsibility for the actions and whereabouts of participants for whom they are guardians. The Music Camp Waiver document outlines the responsibilities of parents/chaperone at Camp and can be found in/with the online registration form.

Getting Here


Click Here for directions to Lakefield College School

Travelling by Air?

Participants using air travel can choose between Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, airport code YYZ or Buffalo International Airport, airport code BUF.  Both airports offer various ground transportation services should anyone choose to rent their own vehicle.

Shuttles will be provided by Century Transportation LTD and will be available to transport participants to the Camp from the TORONTO AIRPORT ONLY. They will run on June 30th and July 5th respectively at a cost of $70 + tax Cdn per person each way. Due to various flight arrival times, passengers can expect a waiting period at the airport.

If you require transportation to or from Leahy Music Camp, you can purchase a Shuttle Pass by contacting:

Patricia at Century Transportation in Peterborough, ON:

Telephone:  1.800.465.5987


Cost:  one-way shuttle pass – $70.00 plus HST

Please identify yourself as a Leahy Music Camp participant to receive a special rate.

Don’t Forget: A valid passport is required for everyone traveling internationally by air and land to Canada. Please make sure your travel documents are all in order well before Camp.

Daily Schedule

There are many opportunities to attend a wide variety of musical events and activities, but participants aren’t obliged to attend everything.  Depending on your interests and energy level, you can choose to take in as much or as little of the Camp as you’d like.  Below you’ll find a more specific breakdown of each day.


Breakfast                   7:30 – 8:15

Announcements       8:30  – 8:45

Class 1                     9:00 – 10:00

Class 2                    10:15 – 11:15

Lunch                      11:30 – 12:45

Class 3                        1:00 – 2:00

Class 4                        2:15 – 3:15

Musical Event              3:30 – 4:30

Dinner                          5:00 – 6:00

Free Time                    6:00 – 8:00 (practice/jam/swim/canoe/sleep/soccer/tennis/etc.)

Evening Event.           8:00 – 10:00