Timi Turmel

Accordion | Piano

We are thrilled to share that Timi Turmel will be with us at Music Camp again this year! As a three-time Quebec Champion of the one row accordion, he is an exceptional talent and master of the instrument!

Coming from Sherbrooke, QC, Timi grew up in a family of musicians. He learned to play the accordion at age 5 and has performed all over Quebec at folk galas, traditional music festivals, and competitions. At 15, he won the prestigious “Champion of 1 Row Accordion” title in the contest “Folklore en Fête” of Thetford Mines, Quebec.

Since then, Timi has explored various musical styles and players. Starting with a purely Quebecois style, he studied the music of accordionists, Stéphane Landry, Denis Pepin, and Raynald Ouellette. He also delved into the Irish world by learning the music of Joe Derrane, an Irish American diatonic button accordionist who is credited with re-popularizing the D/C# system. Most recently, Timi has immersed himself in the world of Cape Breton and its musical heritage. The combined influence of these styles is what makes Timi’s playing so unique and distinctive. His natural talent and ability provides him with the instinctive tools necessary to take the button accordion to new places while maintaining the rich traditions from which both he and the instrument have come.

When Timi played at the world renowned Accordion Festival in Montmagny, QC (Carrefour Mondial De L’Accordeon) he was described as “most inspiring.” “Beyond the perfection of technique, what impresses in this young man is the authentic musicality, intelligence and strength of character that support his interpretations. Turmel’s relaxed, free and untouched game transcends the small instrument he holds in his hands.” (Richard Boisvert, Le Soleil)

Timi is now playing with world renowned group, La Bottine Souriante from Quebec. He has also toured with the widely acclaimed Folk Dance Troupe, Mackinaw from Drummondville, Quebec. His most recent recording, “Accent”  was with Celtic ensemble, Cécilia, of which he is a member. Along with fiddler/violinist, Louis Schryer and pianist, Erin Leahy, Cécilia brings the best of many musical worlds together in their explorations of traditional, Celtic, and Quebecois music.

We can’t wait for everyone at Camp to work with Timi Turmel, experience his exceptional musical gifts, and the rich traditions he’ll bring from his home province of Quebec.

Watch Cecilia here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08JTdy0rNME
Learn more about Timi here @timiturmelaccordeon.