Siobheann Donohue

Bass | Fiddle | Guitar | Stepdancing

LEAHY is an award-winning Canadian Celtic music group known for their unique blend of traditional and contemporary music genres. The band is comprised of siblings from the 11 member Leahy family. Siobheann is number 4 in the line-up and is the resident bass player for the group. Known for her unique style of playing, she believes her early years as a fiddle player is behind the style and sound she developed on the bass guitar. “I started playing the fiddle as a young girl and loved the instrument. When I was introduced to the bass guitar, I unknowingly approached it with the mind of a fiddle player.”

Siobheann credits music with providing her the reason and opportunity to see the world, and connect with many different people. She recognizes the many lessons that music has taught her, including the incredible perspective it provides, and encouraging perseverance.

“We grew up in a household where playing music was a way of life. A natural daily thing. Felt it. Breathed it. It just became a part of me. That is where I am happiest and feel full. There is nothing like playing with your siblings. They inspire me. The chemistry is incredible.” Her musical inspiration is found while playing with others, and how others feel music differently. “I come alive when playing with others. It could be any style of music. A mistake turns out to be a tune when other ears pick up on it. When I’m challenged, I’m inspired.”

All of the Leahys continue to be immersed in music in a variety of ways; nurturing their own children, and reaching out in their respective communities, collaborating, teaching, writing, producing and performing. For the Leahys, Camp is one of the most rewarding experiences of their musical career. “It is a small way for us to give back to the communities and culture that afforded us a life of music in the arts. Working with fellow musicians and aspiring artists is a gift beyond words. The participants who attend the Camp feel like extended family to us; we see many of them return each year which means we see them develop and grow. What a privilege! Every Music Camp is a reunion! We can so easily identify with them and their musical experiences. It’s a journey we know well and enjoy sharing and navigating with others”.

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