Remenyi House of Music

Special Guests

Michael and Rosa Remenyi have been with us since the beginning of our Music Camp. We couldn’t be more honoured or grateful. Their expertise and knowledge is invaluable and as we say every year, we can’t wait for everyone at Camp to meet and encounter them.

Michael and Rosa operate the world renowned “Remenyi House of Music” in Toronto. This highly acclaimed music store offers the highest quality in  pianos, string instruments, accessories, repairs, and so much more! They have the largest  Music Bookstore in the GTA which specializes in sheet music and educational materials. Their story as a family-owned business goes back over a century and is rich with history, adventure, and a deep love and appreciation for music and fine instruments. Those who are able to join us in July will have an opportunity to see and learn about some of these fine instruments and products as the Remenyi’s bring a selection of them to Music Camp each year.

The story of how the Remenyi’s came to settle in Toronto, Ontario and operate one of the most respected music stores in Canada, is a fascinating one! Michael himself comes from a distinguished line of Hungarian master violin makers and is known for his own expertise in the history and making of violins. To learn more about their history as a family and business, we encourage you to read The Story of Remenyi House of Music.

Musicians, music lovers, and distinguished artists from around the world continue to visit Remenyi House of Music in Toronto. It is with great excitement that we’ll welcome them back to Music Camp this summer. We always look forward to their return and cherish any time that we have to spend with them.

To visit their website, go to Remenyi House of Music.