Louis Schryer


We are always thrilled to announce that Louis Schryer will be with us at Music Camp!

For those who have already worked with Louis, you’ll know how gifted he is as a player and teacher. He is a fiddler extraordinaire whose passion for music pours out every time he plays.  As one of the renowned Schryer Family from Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Louis is classically trained and a student of the fiddling/stepdancing culture that is unique to Canada and its early settlers.

After earning a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Ottawa, Louis continues to share his musical gifts as a performer, recording artist, composer, and teacher.  His artistry has touched many people and musicians over the years. Well known for his writing, improvisation, and musical arrangements, Louis has left an indelible mark on those with whom he has worked.

Louis long list of accomplishments includes his title as the only ‘8 time Canadian Fiddle Champion’ and only ‘4 time Grand Masters Fiddle Champion’ to exist. His ability to play various styles (Classical, Old Time, Quebecois, Swing Jazz) has allowed him to cross genres and play with many artists.  He has been featured on the CDs of many top country recording artists as well as four recordings of his own.  His most recent CD, Accent was with the Quebecois based group, Cécilia, of which he is a member. Along with accordionist, Timi Turmel and pianist, Erin Leahy, Cécilia brings the best of many musical worlds together in their explorations of traditional, Celtic, and Quebecois music.

With his great love for music and passion for teaching, Louis has mentored and taught a tremendous number of people over the years. We always look forward to our time with Louis and know that everyone at Camp is going to feel the same way after they’ve had a chance to meet and work with him! All we can say is get ready for a truly memorable musical experience with the one and only, Louis Schryer!

To learn more about Louis Schryer, visit: http://louisschryer.com.