Jacqueline Doyle

Fiddle | Stepdancing

As the oldest daughter of Agnes (Leahy) and Mark Enright, Jacqueline has been immersed in music from a very young age. Fun fact…she was the first ‘child’ to travel with Leahy in their earlier days of touring. Fast forward to today….Jacqueline is all grown up and plays the piano, fiddle, and stepdances.

Music has always played a central role in Jacqueline’s life. After learning to dance from the great Gilles Roy, she went on to dance competitively across Ontario capturing several awards and championships. Soon she was performing in the Ottawa Valley with her own siblings and cousins, and making guest appearances with other talented musicians like Louis Schryer, Gail Gavin, and the Ryans. She now teaches fiddle and stepdancing in Lakefield, Ontario, and for the last six years, has been one of the principle dance instructors at the Music Camp.

We look forward to everyone having a chance to work with Jacqueline at Music Camp this year!