Emily Flack

Emily Flack is a Canadian singer, step-dancer, musician, composer and songwriter.  She is from Dorchester, Ontario. After completing her Master’s Degree in Traditional Irish Song at the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, she stayed in Ireland to teach at the Academy in their BA and MA music and dance programs. It was during her time there that Emily recorded and released her first EP, ‘Throwing Shapes’.

Emily’s foray into the world of music started at home with her mother Denise, the principal singer of the group Leahy. Gifted with a natural ability to sing and dance, Emily followed her desire for music and has become a unique and dynamic artist in her own right. Today, Emily performs as a solo artist and with a variety of other musicians and groups from around the world. She is a rich, soulful, and vibrant performer who pushes boundaries.

Her foundation in music began in the traditional, Celtic, and folk genres, but she also engages with all styles of music – pop, jazz, Celtic, folk, American country and classical. Her fearless approach to blending traditional Celtic and modern sounds is what sets her apart from the rest. This is most evident on her EP of original music. Produced by Belfast native Peter Wallace, and mixed by three time Grammy Award winning producer/mixer David Botrill, ‘Throwing Shapes’ also featured guest performances by true stars in the firmament of Irish folk music, whistle and flute player Brian Finnegan from the band Flook and guitarist Marty Barry.

For anyone who has met or worked with Emily, they’ll know that she is brimming with music, life, creativity, and energy! Everyone in her midst is kept on their toes and this is never more true than at Music Camp.  We can’t wait for Emily’s return and look forward to everyone having a chance to share in her many gifts!

Learn more about Emily here, http://emilyjeanflack.com.