Chanda Gibson Leahy

Chanda Leahy (née Gibson) is a renowned Canadian Stepdance Champion. She hails from Cobden, Ontario, and has been stepdancing since the age of 4. Throughout her career, Chanda has won numerous awards, starred in numerous productions across Canada and overseas, and is highly sought after for teaching.
In May 1998, Chanda was the principal Stepdancer in Needfire; a Mirvish Production presented at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. Her choreography in this show garnered a nomination for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for outstanding choreography in a play or musicalChanda also travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland where she stared as the principal stepdancer in another large production, Rhythms of the Celts 
Chanda’s desire to showcase Canadian Stepdancing to the rest of the world, led to the formation of PULSE; an ensemble of young Canadian stepdancers and musicians who shared a love for stepdancing and traditional Canadian fiddle music. Chanda led this group as both the choreographer and principal dancer.
With her passion for stepdancing and so many requests for lessons, Chanda eventually opened Chanda’s School of Dance. As a choreographer, performing artist, and teacher, her talent was well known in dance and music communities alike. It was not uncommon for people to drive great distances for the chance to study with her. To help with the demands of her time and talent, she produced two instructional videos through which people could learn.
Today, Chanda’s School of Dance has expanded its musical offerings and includes clogging, ceili’s, and other lessons in fiddle and drums. With the help of technology, the School serves even more people across Canada and the United States.
Based in Golden Lake, ON, Chanda continues to innovate and inspire others while staying true to her musical roots and traditions. She and her husband Frank (drummer for the band, Leahy), live a very busy musical life, raising their family of six children who all play, sing, and dance. If you haven’t had the chance to work with Chanda before, prepare for a truly memorable experience as she brings life and passion to Music Camp every year and transforms those with whom she works.
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