Performance Workshop

Driven by an intense passion for traditional music, Cécilia is recognized for its ability to transport audiences through an emotional and spectacular universe. Fate brought these three great musical artists together and a brand new sound emerged. With the accordion, fiddle, and piano, Cécilia will undoubtedly thrill you with its lively and infectious music.

TIMI TURMEL – ACCORDIONtimi-cecilia-300x240-6271008

Timi Turmel is an exceptional button accordion player who grew up in a family of musicians. He has performed at many folk galas and music festivals throughout the province of Quebec, France, and Spain. His styles range from French Canadian to Irish and Cape Breton. The combination of these styles is what makes Timi’s playing unique and distinctive.

LOUIS SCHRYER – FIDDLElouis-cecilia-300x240-2667759

Louis Schryer, a multi-award winning Canadian champion, is one of Canada’s most respected and sought out fiddle players. His stylistic diversity crosses the spectrum of fiddle and violin music with foundations in Ontario, Québecois, Cape Breton, Irish, swing, and classical music. Louis has a way of musically connecting with any artist which compliments the performance and engages audiences.

ERIN LEAHY – PIANO erin-ceciila-300x240-9979510

Erin Leahy is a powerhouse on the piano with a foundation in traditional, Celtic, ragtime, and classical music. Drawing from her roots, Erin makes music that incorporates contemporary influences, creating a seamless fusion of musical styles.  Her sound is original and highlights the intimate relationship between the piano, violin, and accordion.

Watch Cecilia here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08JTdy0rNME

For more information about Cécilia, visit: https://www.facebook.com/ceciliamusic4u/ and https://ceciliamusic.ca/home#about.