There are a variety of musical events and activities at Music Camp, but participants aren’t obliged to attend everything.  Depending on your interests and energy levels, you can choose to take in as much or as little of the Camp as you like.


There are a variety of classes to attend at Leahy Music Camp.

Participants will be assigned two classes each morning, in an area they choose to receive primary instruction. Each afternoon, particpants choose 2 more classes to attend from a wide variety of options. This is a chance to explore and try something completely new. (See Afternoon Classes).

All classes are organized by skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced.  Students will have the option to change levels/classes at Music Camp if they think they would be more comfortable moving at a slower or faster pace.

Primary Areas of Instruction

Each morning, participants will attend two classes in their primary area of instruction.

There are five areas from which to choose and participants will make their choice when filling out their registration forms online. The options are: fiddle, piano, guitar, singing, or step dancing.

All classes are arranged by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Participants can expect to receive instruction from two different instructors each morning and work with a variety of teachers over the course of Camp.



Afternoon classes (electives) are set up so that students have the option to try something new as well as learn and develop in familiar areas.

Participants will have two electives every afternoon. The Camp offers different electives every year depending on the musicians/guests teaching at the Camp. Electives from past years include:

  • Bass                                          Fiddle/Violin
  • Drums                                      Piano
  • Mandolin                                 Guitar
  • Accordion                                Singing
  • Writing/Composition           Dancing
  • Recording                                 – step-dancing
  • Private Lessons                       – swing
  • Lectures                                    – square dancing
  • Special Presentations
  • And more….

 Monday  – Instructors Concert

An exclusive performance with all the Music Camp Instructors playing on their own and with each other.  This is a really intimate and personal concert that is always a big highlight for everyone in attendance! 

Tuesday – Ceilidh Dance

A huge hit with Campers, this evening includes set, square, and swing dancing! Live music, spontaneous moments, and dance lessons for those who are interested!

Wednesday – The Symposium

A panel of guests including Camp  instructors will answer questions and discuss a topic related to the Camp theme. Always an inspiring, lively, and insightful discussion between participants and the panel of guests. 

The Session

 Thursday – The Grand Jam

The final event of Music Camp. The evening  includes performances by instructors, participants, calsses, special ensebles, and more!!! So much more!

In addition to these events, there are a variety of other musical opportunities and activities available through-out each day. (Jam sessions, private lessons, recording studio, instrument room, Camp Chorus and Group Challenge rehearsals, and a lot more!)