Leahy Music Camp takes place at Lakefield College School (LCS), an independent residential school located in Lakefield, Ontario Canada.

Residences are designed with 2 beds/room, so we offer shared accommodation. If participants don’t request a specific roommate, the Camp office will assign people of the same gender and similar age, to the same room. (Many beautiful friendships have started with shared accommodation at Music Camp!)  Upgraded accommodations and single rooms are available at an additional cost. See “Premium Room Upgrade” on this page, for more of these details.

Room Rules and Information

Rooms at LCS are dormitory style – each is spacious with 2 single beds, 2 dressers, and 2 desks. Some rooms share a bathroom with one other room, located between the rooms. Other rooms/dorms share one bathroom per floor.  Rooms are suitable for individuals, couples, and families.  Families are welcome to bring sleeping bags for children to sleep in the same room as parents.  LCS provides bedding & pillows for each room. Participants should bring their own towels and other toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc).

A curfew of 11:00 pm is mandatory for all participants under 18 years of age.  No visitors are permitted in rooms after 11:00 pm. Overnight guests from outside the Camp are not permitted. Leahy Music Camp reserves the right to expel any participant for violations of this policy without refunding any fees paid.

Residence rooms are not locked so if you have valuables you’d like to secure while at Camp, you are welcome to bring your own combination lock and use one of the many lockers in the school.

Premium Room Upgrade: The Uplands

The Uplands residence is available for participants who would like their own room with a private bathroom and air conditioning.  Uplands offers 14 very comfortable rooms and can be booked with single or double occupancy.  Staying in the Uplands residence is an extra charge in addition to standard Camp fees.

For those wishing to stay off-campus and close to the Camp, there are a number of options.

The Village Inn is in Lakefield, ON and has a variety of very comfortable hotel rooms. They have set aside a block of rooms for Music Camp particpants only. Please identify yourelf as an attendee of the Camp to receive a special discounted rate. This block will be available until June 1st.

Lakefield Campground is another option in the town of Lakefield. For a full list of hotels, B&B’s and other campgrounds, please visit Peterborough Tourism website. As well, Trent Universityoffers very affordable accommodations and is about 10 minutes south of Lakefield. For more information, contact the Trent Guest Service Desk at 1-866-290-6491.