About – Leahy Music Camp

Leahy Music Camp has gained a reputation for being a major source of inspiration and instruction for people of all ages and ability. Camp offers classes in fiddle, piano, step-dancing, singing, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, accordion, music technology, songwriting, composing, and more.

Each year, members of the Leahy Family gather with special guests: musicians from a variety of genres, technical experts from the musical world, and friends the Leahy’s have worked with over the years. The week-long Camp features exclusive concerts, workshops, lectures, group classes, private lessons, jam sessions, a recording studio, opportunities to try new and different musical instruments, an Apple Computer Lab, swimming, canoeing, hiking, soccer, tennis, and more.

Camp has come to be known for the musical environment it provides in which to learn, play, and create music.  Participants and instructors come from around the world and immerse themselves in a culture of music where the ‘experience’ is as powerful as the teaching and learning that takes place. Musicians, artists, students, and experts from a variety of music related fields connect to create, learn, share, and collaborate with each other.